Eric D. Widmer


Cullati S., Kliegel M., Widmer ED. (forthcoming).Development of Reserves over the Life Course and Onset of Vulnerability in Later Life: A Conceptual Proposal. Nature. Human Behavior.

Cottier M., Widmer ED., Tornare S., Girardin M. (2018). La garde alternée. Une étude interdisciplinaire sur ses conditions-cadre., 2, 297-332.

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Girardin, M., Widmer, E. D., Connidis, I. A., Castrén, A. M., Gouveia, R., & Masotti, B. (2018). Ambivalence in Later?Life Family Networks: Beyond Intergenerational Dyads. Journal of Marriage and Family, 80(3), 768-784.

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Favez, N., Widmer, E. D., Frascarolo, F., & Doan, M. T. (2018). Mother-Stepfather Coparenting in Stepfamilies as Predictor of Child Adjustment. Family process, 1-17p.

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Viry, G., Ganjour, O., Gauthier, J. A., Ravalet, E., & Widmer, E. (2017). Analysing the role of social visits on migrants’ social capital: A personal network approach. Social Inclusion, 5(4), 209-225.

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Widmer, E.D., Girardin, M., Ludwig, C. (2017). Conflict structures in family networks of older adults and their Relationship with health-related qualiy of life. Journal of Family Issues. pp. 1-25. Abstract | Full text

Widmer, E.D., Viry, G. (2017). Family inclusiveness and spatial dispersion: The spatial consequences of having large and diversified family configurations. Open Journal of Social Sciences. Vol. 5, pp. 350-367.

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Widmer, E.D., Spini, D. (2017). Misleading Norms and Vulnerability in the Life Course: Definition and Illustrations. Research in Human Development . Vol. 14(1). pp. 52-67. Abstract | Full text

Kellerhals, J., Widmer, E.D. (2016). Shades of individualisation: Narratives of middle-class women in a Swiss urban context about the families "they live by". Families, Relationships and Societies. Abstract | Full text

Sapin, M., Widmer, E.D., Iglesias, K. (2016). From support to overload: Patterns of positive and negative family relationships of adults with mental illness over time. Social Networks. Vol. 47, pp. 59-72.

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