Eric D. Widmer


Widmer, E.D., Kempf-Constantin, N.L., Sapin, M., Galli Carminati, G. (2013). Family beyond parents? An exploration of family configurations and psychological adjustment in young adults with intellectual disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities. Vol. 34, n°1, pp. 207-217. Abstract | Full text

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Abstract | Full text

Widmer, E. D., Aeby, G. et De Carlo , I. (2012). Le ricomposizioni familiari in una prospettiva configurativa, Sociologia e politiche sociali. Vol. 15, no. 2 (Special Edition on Personal Networks), pp. 85-111. Full text

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Widmer, E.D., Lüscher, K. (2011). Les relations intergénérationelles au prisme de l'ambivalence et des configurations familiales. Recherches familiales. n°8, p. 49-60. Abstract | Full text

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