Eric D. Widmer

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Partnerships and intimacy

The profound demographic changes that have occurred since the 1960s seriously question the now classic opposition between the institution and the companionship models of families, as proposed by Ernest Watson Burgess in his famous book. This opposition, and the evolutionist perspective on which it is based, had been challenged by various attempts of definition of styles or models of family interactions, based on four conceptual dimensions: the degree of autonomy of spouses or partners within the couple; the degree of openness of couples towards their environment; their instrumental or expressive orientation; and the importance of negotiation in their daily functioning. In this large study of couples residing in Swizerland, we show that the organization of conjugal intimacy follows five distinct models with specific intimate problems. We also show that embededness of couples in larger networks of friends and relatives makes a significant difference for couples. This later result relate my research made on partnerships with the configurational perspective on families.

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Recent scientific presentations

Gouveia, R., Widmer, E.D. The impact of friendship network structure on conjugal vulnerability in heterosexual couples in a long-term relationship. XXXVII Sunbelt Conference INSNA, 30 mai-4 juin 2017.

Gouveia, R., Widmer, E.D. The impact of friendship network structure on conjugal vulnerability in heterosexual couples in a long-term relationship. Présentation à la conférence "Family relationships in a network perspective". Groningen, 30 mars 2017.

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Widmer, E.D., Schicka, M. If I had known our couple turned that way, I would not have stopped working. A biographical account of labor force participation and conjugal love. Presentation at the interim meeting of the European Sociological Association (ESA) research network 13 "Families, care and work facing the challenges of a globalized world: policies, practices and service". Milan, Italy, 13th-15th September 2012. .

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Familles suisses face à la Crise, familles en crise? International Scientific Conference Social Aspects of Global Crisis: EU, Swiss and Russian Experience. University of Moskow, 11 décembre 2009..

Family in the making. Theorizing family in the contemporary European context. Interim- meeting of research network “family and intimate lives”. European Sociological Association. University of Helskinki, 27-29 août 2008.

Recent public interventions

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Styles d’interaction conjugales, trajectoires relationnelles et sexualité. Certificat de formation continue en sexologie clinique, module 6 intitulé "Formes de conjugalité". Université de Genève, le 15 novembre 2014..

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