Eric D. Widmer
Gauthier, J.-A., Widmer, E.D. (2013). The Destruction of Multiethnic Locations: Markers of Identity and the Determinants of Residential Trajectories. In: Spini, D., Elcheroth, G., Corkala Biruski, D. (eds). War, Community, and Social Change. Collective Experiences in the Former Yugoslavia . Springer. pp. 85-98.

Modern conflicts have been associated with large numbers of relocated individuals. The Yugoslavian wars are no exception: they have been associated with systematic ethnic cleansing and dramatic relocations of civil populations. It is of great importance to understand how collective threats, such as wars, affect individual lives. To understand migrations related to wars, we must not only measure the extent to which an ethnic minority group is a victim of discrimination and collective threats but also estimate the influence of such phenomena on the life experiences and life trajectories of the individuals belonging to these minority groups.

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